My name is Dawid de Villiers and I have a passion for Bonsai. This came from my father and his trees in South Africa. I cannot remember a time when I did not have Bonsai around me. When we came to New Zealand, I had to start from scratch as we could not bring any plants in to the country.

I now have a sizable collection and it is expanding. The collection consists of all sizes and both evergreen and deciduous Bonsai. I am a member of the New Zealand Bonsai Association and the Bay of Plenty Bonsai Club. I used to serve as a member on the Executive Committee of the NZBA. My expertise is around education (PhD in Education)  and therefore I am in my element when I can teach. This is done through being a National Demonstrator in New Zealand. This leads to opportunities to demonstrate and speak at all sorts of gatherings and venues. Just call if you think that I can be of assistance.

I have also recently started to dabble in Suiseki and one of my Suiseki was awarded the NZ Best in Show Suiseki (2019). This was for a NZ sourced stone.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi
    I like to find out about ear rooting tree branches.
    Haw big can you go before it’s too big I have started two on Saturday they are about 30 mil thick I am looking at some that are about 180 mil thick.
    These are branches that have brocken of in bad winds about 3 years ago and have sprotted out some nice new groth do you think that it will work.
    And one more thing is it chetting by doing my tree’s this way.



    1. Hi Richard. It is a good technique to get trees started. It takes a bit of time to get a balanced trunk and root look, but it is worth the trouble. For thickness, it depends on the type of tree. Some root easier than others. You will increase your success rate by using good technique. Clean cuts, hormone powder, sphagnum moss and moisture will enhance your chances. Patience is another good virtue.


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