Privet Group Progression

Dawid 022

These trees were sourced from Fernvalley Bonsai in 2014 and they arrived all together in one timber crate. At that stage they had no leaves on them and they were transplanted into this long pot.

Dawid 247

This photo was taken towards the end of 2014. These trees have never had wire on them and have only been clipped. This is the other side of the photo above.

5 April 2015 058

This photo was taken on 5 April 2015. More development is needed on the lower branches on the tree on the left. These trees could be planted as individual trees come Spring with the smaller ones in a shallow pot as a forest. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Privet Group Progression

  1. Hi, Good effort but my first impression is that the two large trees could be used as individual specimens as they are out of proportion with the other smaller ones. As individual trees I think they have more potential. If you do remove them from the forest it will give you an opportunity to re-arrange the remaining trees to give more depth to the group arrangement. Hope you don’t mind the comment.


    1. Thank you for the comment. Yes, I had the same idea. I am in New Zealand and we are going into winter now. My plan is to break it up in Spring and plant the smaller trees as a forest and the two larger ones as individuals. Another comment I received on Facebook said that I should consider planting the two large ones closer to each other.

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