Wax On, Wax off – Wire Removal

With Summer in full swing in the Southern Hemisphere, high temperatures and high humidity, growth is all over the place. I just had a timely reminder while inspecting the wiring on a Juniper, that growth is so rapid now, that wiring that is fine one day, can start to bite in the next day.

Wire biting in.

I do not necessarily find removing wire a very creative task, but it is very necessary if you do not want damage done to a precious, and for that matter, any tree. Wire scaring can take years to correct. The whole process makes me think of a phrase from the Karate Kid first movie – wax on, wax off. Wire must go on and the must come off as well. It is just something that must be done as part of cultivating Bonsai, unless you just practice “clip and grow”.

I have also learnt through experience that it is better to cut the wire in small pieces while removing it, rather than uncoiling it from a branch. This is easier said than done with thinner wire, but still worth the trouble as small buds and new growth can very easily be damaged in the process of uncoiling wire.

All done.

I have two sizes of wire cutters and use these according to the space provided to work in. I also do find that it is easier to work from underneath the branch as there is less foliage there, but it can still be tricky when it comes to Shohin seized trees. At least these can be manipulated a lot easier than some of the vey heavy, larger trees.

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